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Tee thawpaw hae

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  •                          Phezua Bawi thuapaw Paaw Mang Sui tuh Zotung rang ka haaw cih cite cceih zah, Zotung rang lan e Innmae bawi ccanung kyakhe ccaaw kha saah zah, a ccapaw ming tuh Pw Lai Bawi cite a phu. Tuh-e Pw Mang Sui nynh Zo...
  • 13 September 2019
    Posted by Sam Lou
                     Chin rang lungkhu e minphuin hae miakaw nynh minphuin ming ravet ccary ah hoi oh zah, Chin cite ah kokuhpaw phu kheit sangmah aum bang khyh keiccu ze, "Chin" ciipaw byaccan (byapyn) oun pounaw kong phungtho (history) hyn ccaekia pataepi l...
  • 7 September 2019
    Posted by Zotung Minphuin
    Apupaw ccaw(Anung raepaw ccaw) kha ady hae. Ah ry khyh hae ze mihccang paw ady hae. Bawi nynh bawiccaw adyku. Mihthya nynh amaw te atekuhpaw adyku. mih uno lunin kha ady langpaw nopi nung inn lang khe a cciasah hae. Nae ccanung tuh kaening nynh beih oun kua cih, thaw beih nae ccih ci oh cite sapi te...
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