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Word: Aw

Found 2 definitions.
  • 1. Aw
    (n) mae awsahpaw-awnaw,amoh lei paw,khuadae.
    A light is also anything that provides light, esp. an electric lamp.

    (n) accu ccang (2), asakare (2) sae zah, inn vaw leih akuakuh oh paw pavaw phin kheih: awpi, awkhung.
    a type of bird kept on a farm for its eggs or its meat, or the meat of this bird which is cooked and eaten.

    (v) tyapaw, ryngpaw- thingaw te awpaw.
    to use a sharp tool such as a knife to break the surface of something, divide something, or make something smaller:
    Aw photo:
  • 2. aw
    (adv)tute, oun, ou.
    1. ou
    (adv) nawccaw paw aphi pyapaw, oiinawpaw roi, neihtaw oiinawpaw roi. phiapaw, laepaw, thya oupaw.
    used to express approval, willingness, or agreement.