Privacy Statement

This page will contain the privacy statement of your choice.


We value the privacy of our users and we have a data policy to in order to be open with the data that we collect and use it to help our users make  informed decisions.

The users will be required to do the following in order to help us maintain the privacy policies.

  1. Users will not post any unauthorized commercial communications for example spam on the minphuin application.
  2. No one is allowed to collect users personal information or otherwise access their accounts using automated means such as robots, scrapers and spiders.
  3. No one is allowed to engage in unlawful multi-level marketing such as a pyramid scheme on minphuin application
  4. No one is allowed to upload viruses or malicious programmes using the application
  5. No one should be able to intimidate, harass or bully any user
  6. No one shall be allowed to post content that is considered to be hate speech, may trigger violence; or that contain graphic or gratuitous violence.